{Armina} Winter Portrait Session

Armina was the winner of the Raft Media Christmas Giveaway this year! Who knew that you could take pictures like this in almost January?! Her pink and grey outfit went absolutely perfect with the fallen leaves and the river. Even though it was slightly wet from the rain...and she almost flatbacked it into the mud...it was perfect out. What a gorgeous girl, it was so fun doing some portraits for her. Happy New Year everyone! 
The soft lighting was amazing. She was rocking the natural beauty look.
I couldn't resist taking a shot of her in the leaves looking into the sunset. It was a little muddy out but my jacket made a good blanket :)
 Such a sweet smile.
 Fallen logs, sweaters, scarves, this is just the heart of winter right here.
We lucked out and got one of the warmest days of winter, so naturally it's okay to wear a dress :)
We saw this shot on Pinterest and had to try it. She apparently is half-model. 

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