{Sayra +Cameron}

Sayra and Cameron, what a cute couple together. It was around 40 degrees and windy in Boise and I find Sayra in a beautiful black dress and wearing slippers. I knew I liked them already! I love how this shoot turned out, so this goes to show that even in the winter you can have beautiful portraits taken outside!

 Between locations I saw this simple little bench with the sun setting behind it. So romantically perfect.
There's something about capturing the love between people just by the way they sit next to each other.
 They couldn't have chosen better outfits to go with this graffiti covered doorway. So fun.
 So this is the 2nd story of the parking garage where I had parked. An "Overlooking the city" shot was absolutely necessary after I spotted this lookout.
 The bench...once again.. I couldn't help it, look how cute they are together!
LOVE. There is nothing else to say.

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