Location Styles

1. The Backwoods
Beautiful trees, the glistening water, the sun setting. The Boise area has awesome locations out in the woods and by the rivers. Whether you're in flip flops in the summer or a sweater and boots in the winter, this location is great all year long.
 2. Urban
Thinking of bridges, downtown, benches, brick walls and wood? Then the Urban Style Shoot is going to be right up your alley. Whether it's downtown Nampa, Boise, Meridian or Caldwell, I've scouted locations in all of these cities. You can dress casual or dressy for these locations, once again these locations are perfect all year round.
3. Urban Grunge
Want the Urban Style but want it even more funky? Grafitti walls and colored buildings make the perfect backdrop for your unique photos. Whether you want neutral colored walls so you can be the center of the show with your bright outfit, or if you want bright walls, we have the location for you!
4. The Depot
There's just something about the historic Train Depot. The train tracks, the depot building in the background, trees, a bench overlooking the city. Whether it's business, senior, or engagement photos this location is a classic.

5. All About You
What makes you, you? Whether it's your hobby, your job, your pet, your car...if you are a climber, a guitar player, or a dancer, we want to help personalize your shoot to tell your story. Bring props, bring your puppy, bring your car, we can create a truly custom shoot just for you.
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