And the Winner Is...

This morning I woke up excited to see who the winner for the Raft Media Christmas Giveaway this year is! [I'm sure my husband was just as thrilled that he had to get up to help me with it too :)] So we decided on the most high tech way of randomly choosing a name. We carefully wrote everyone's name on slips of paper folded them up 5 times and put them in a bowl. Here's what went down after that...
 21 names just itching to be drawn
 Half asleep husband drawing the name
Armina you won!!!!! I find this awesome and hilarious since you wrote on my wall last night saying you were so excited for the drawing that you were going to cry :) Apparently the big man upstairs wanted you to have some photos taken. Contact me to set up a date and time soon to get them taken. So excited. THANK YOU to everyone else who entered. We have mini-sessions available for $75 if you are interested in getting your photos taken still! 
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