Start a new Tradition- A Christmas Book!

Ever since my friend Denise told me about how her family has this tradition I have been wanting to start it myself! Now that I am newly married I finally have a "family" to take a photo with every year! [Anyone really could this though, just grab your closest group of friends, or your dog or beta fish!]
So here's how it works.

#1 Make/Buy the Book
 First you have to buy or make a Scrapbook where you can hold your photo and your memories every year. All you need is a book with paper in it! I want to make mine special because I'm going to be doing this for many years.

#2 Take the Photo
Every year you are going to be putting your family photo on the left side page of the book. Thus you need a photo.

#3 Write down your favorite memories from the year
Whether it's a funny saying, an awesome trip to the coast, a baby being born, a new puppy got added to your family, the big family reunion, a killer garage sale, making macaroni and cheese...whatever. Write down anything that happened this past year that made you smile. [I think we will be doing this on December 31st]

#4 Put it on your Calendar to do this next year!
Life gets busy, things get forgotten. If you have a calendar where you can do "repeating events", throw this on there for the next 50 years. How special will it be to have a family photo of you every year and to look back and read your favorite memories?

#5 Email me a photo of your page
I'd love to see how many people do this! I will post them on this blog and will post a photo of my page as well.

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