Larry's Book Signing Event

Earlier this year I had a fun photo shoot with Larry Johnson where we took business photos of him up at St. Chapelle Winery including shots on his Harley! Last night I got to see two of those photos in his newly published book "The Eight Principles". 
It's so exciting to see these photos in print!
 Larry's party was a big hit. He held it at the Arid club in Boise and had wine and appetizers.
 I have to admit I snuck a couple bites of the appetizers. Delicious.
 Here's his books that he was signing for everyone.
 The community and his friends and family joined him for this big night.
 Larry took the time to sign a book for every guest.
 Everyone was so having a great time meeting new friends.
 Of course I had to get in some artsy shots!
Congrats Larry!

If anyone has an upcoming event talk to Audrey with Raft Media about photographing your event!

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