{Morlocks} Family Photography Boise, Idaho

My freshman year of college I met one of my best friends Audrey [yup there were two of us running around!]. Between classes we had to run up to her dorm room and there she was, Amy, cuddled up asleep on Audrey's bed. I guess she had an early lab and would go up there to catch a nap afterwards. I found it hilarious. So that's how I met one of my closest friends throughout all of college. Since waking her up that one morning, we've shared so many memories and I just love this girl.
She is back in town for the Holidays and wanted to do a family shoot as a gift for her mom and sister. We headed to one of my favorite places and had an absolute blast. All of these girls just love each other to pieces and were just laughing and cracking jokes the whole time. Happy to share with you some Morlock love :)

So beautiful. Her eyes are amazing!
 The sarcastic humor going on was amazing, these girls speak my language!
 "Follow me up this tree! In those heels I don't trust you leading me anywhere!"
 Love the backlighting in this photo.
 Sister love. This is right after they were making fish faces at each other!
 It's easy to see where these girls get their good looks from :) Their mama.
She didn't want any individual pictures but I made her because I knew they'd turn out like this :)

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