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Capturing people's wedding day has become a passion of mine. There is this story that is just begging to be told on everyone's big day. From the groom's eyes misting up when he first sees his breathtaking bride, to the mother helping lace up the elegant dress on her sweet daughter, weddings are just teeming with these moments.
Maybe it's because I'm a new bride myself or because I love people and creatively capturing beautiful moments, but weddings are one of my favorite things to photograph.

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Here's a little glimpse into the stories that I see at weddings...

It normally starts with the bride getting ready where she is carefully stashed away from seeing her husband to be!
 Seeing the bride just glowing with excitement and love makes me giddy. Love this part.
 Peeking out the window seeing if her groom is outside.
Gotta love the girls.There is always laughter, hugs, & sharing hairspray.
And then there are the guys, this kind of thing definitely has to be captured. Brotherhood.
Seeing her groom for the first time...
Then there's the Ceremony. From saying the vows... 
To lighting off a paper lantern...
To exchanging rings and "the kiss"
 It never fails there is always electricity when the new Mr. & Mrs walk the aisle
Seeing the parents walk back down the aisle, smiles and tears
Even the portrait session tells a story, that look in her eyes speaks volumes.
 Gazing into the eyes of the one you will be with forever.
 Even the details tell you about the bride and groom
 All the hours of planning captured for you to enjoy in the future
 Family. Whether it's a niece or your mother, there are love and kisses to go around.
 Although the bride and groom are my first priority, capturing special moments between family is high on my priority list. This moment between the mother and daughter always brings tears to my eyes.
 The Reception. This couple's reception was a party with lots of dancing and laughter...
 Even the cake cutting was lighthearted and fun!
What a beautiful way to end the day. This is only the beginning of their story.

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  1. Thank you so much Wendi! That's so sweet of you. I love what I do :)


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