I'm Audrey and I am a Boise, ID natural light photographer. Here's a couple things about me... I'm married to the sweetest man in the world, I love Jesus with all my heart and I love garage sales in the summer. I also love meeting new people and capturing a little glimpse into their lives. Whether it's a senior who is dreaming of life after high school, or a newly engaged couple who are counting the days till their wedding, I just love people. My favorite photographs are always the one that I catch in-between. The laughing, the tender moments, the cute playfulness between loved ones.
I have always had a camera in my hand. From the days of disposables and the endless waiting till we could pick them up from K-mart, to being on my high school yearbook staff and photographing sports. It wasn't until college though that I finally bought my first DSLR camera and fell in love. The crisp, saturated photos, with the magical blurry background and endless possibilities for editing. It's the look on people's faces when they first see their photos that always gets me.

 So that's what Raft Media is all about... capturing your story in a creative, fresh way. We want you to have a fun experience taking your pictures and having beautiful, timeless images to treasure for years to come.