Olivia and Sawyer | Boise Family Photography | Raft Media

I have to admit, these two little kids have a soft spot in my heart. This is the 3rd session little Sawyer has had with Raft Media and the 2nd his sister Olivia has been in. It's been so much fun seeing them grow up—they just continue to get more adorable and full of personality. Sawyer has his deep belly laughs that are so cute you can't help but smile and Olivia is the sweetheart who enthusiastically shared her stories about dance camp and dramatically posed, smiled and twirled for all of her photos. I love photographing kids outside where they can run around and play in the grass. Capturing all of their little faces and the interaction between siblings is just a blast!

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  1. They are SO adorable! I love their sweet smiles!!

  2. All right, Sawyer is a really cute little guy! So precious!

  3. Love it! What beautiful natural moments between brother and sister!


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