Mogie Family Session

Last time we did the Mogie family photos their youngest was only a couple of months old. Their boys have so much personality it's always a blast taking their photos. [Their parents are also very cool!] Since their last shoot their oldest son has mastered the "cheese" response to my asking for a smile. Nice work mom and dad. Thank you for sharing the freeze dried yogurt as well, so very nice of you!
 Love the colors in this photo. Can't beat plaids in winter- they rocked it.
 Everytime I asked him to smile he responded with an eager, "Cheeeeeze", so awesome.
 It was pretty cold out for this little guy, he was quite the trooper though.
 There we go, there's that gummy little smile of his :)
 He was especially excited when his daddy found him this HUGE leaf to play with.
Best friends for life, brotherhood is so sweet.

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