[Rainey] - Indoor Children's Portrait Session

I must say this little girl has stolen my heart. From the huge hugs she lavishes on her teddy bear to the little nose wrinkle she does when she smiles, Rainey is a sweetheart. 
Since I got all of my studio equipment [save the lighting] in yesterday. I couldn't resist the maiden voyage of my first indoor shoot and called up Rainey's mother. Luckily we could schedule for right after her nap, oh how high maintenance models are! :)
So much fun, I can't wait to do more kids shoots. For the next couple of weeks [February 1st-9th] I will be offering significant discounts from my typical pricing in order to get more experience. Super happy with the results from today though. Now all I need is little kids of my own to photograph.... :)
 This photo just makes me happy. The nose wrinkle, the little tic tac teeth. Love it all.
 Beautiful baby blues.
 She was SO excited to be in these heels. She actually succeeded in walking around in them! Impressive.
 Then there was her bear. Apparently this guy is her best friend, she was overjoyed to snuggle with him.
 What is this? A little sass? This one cracks me up. So adorable.
 When she started to get a little cranky [hey i totally can relate, being hungry is rough!] her mama did the zooming sound effects feeding her yogurt. Here she is waiting for her next bite :)
Such the little lady.

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