Inspiration- Taking Creative Photos

Have you ever wanted to make a collage of photos in your house and of my photos look exactly the same. Everyone is smiling, looking right at the camera with their arms around each other. Well now is the time for some INSPIRATION!  Here are some tips on taking Creative Photos:

1. Be Natural
Some of the best photos that I take are the "shots in between".  Capturing candid photos is by far my favorite. For example, the photo below completely captures how crazy life probably is for this family! With the little boy swinging in the air and the big brother trying to get his dad's attention and the mom just cracking up, this is perfect.

photo via Pinterest

 Although this may not be "natural" (perhaps it may be so that they don't lose kids!), they are in motion interacting with one another. This is one reason I love taking wedding and engagement photos, -there is another person for them to interact with; which results in natural shots! So natural candid photos happen when there is interaction!
photo via Pinterest
2.  Different Angles

 In "How to take a better Photo" I talked about the orientation of the subjects in the photo. This type of angle involves where the photographer is in relation to the subject.
Try taking a photo from below and you can get an effect like this shot I took of my brother in law:

Taking the photo from above [grab a ladder, someone's shoulders, a chair] is a great angle and also very flattering for most people. Goodbye double chins!

3.  Use Props
Even something as simple as the bride and groom lighting a paper lantern can make a stunning portrait. Using props adds another dimension to the photo. Whether it's a couple underneath an umbrella, your kids spraying each other with the hose or splashing in puddles, or playing a board game, creatively using props in a photo can turn out great!

4. Find Inspiration Online
Sometimes just browsing the web can spark the good old imagination. Through Pinterest and other sites I have found some great ideas and poses that I've loved using! Here are some photos I've taken that have been inspired through others:
Smooshing a baby's cheeks with kisses

A dramatic picture of a bride looking out her window.

I hope you've found yourself some inspiration from this article! I'd love to hear your ideas for taking creative photos and see any examples that you love. 


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