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Ah the beautiful crisp fall evenings and love is in the air! Megan and Colin are getting married this next summer and I have the honor of photographing their wedding. I couldn't wait to take their engagements to get to know them a little better!

The chemistry between this couple was so cute. The laughing, hand holding, and smiles were contagious.There's something about engaged couples that just makes my heart happy!

And then there is Mya, Megan's beautiful daughter. She was telling me about her new zebra clothes she got and her fashion show birthday party coming up. Too stinking cute. 

I'm so excited for this soon to be family, and love the special moments I got to capture~


Love in the City 


Mya's expression in this photo is priceless. Right when they kissed, she had the sweetest expression on her face and made little kissy lips herself.


Oh the fun they have together!


So special

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