{Kajdic Girls} |Family Mini Sessions | Boise Idaho Photography |Raft Media

This was officially the first ever Mini Session Marathon that Raft Media has done!
A super chilly morning in Eagle + three families +  2 little cutie pie girls = so.much.fun
Now if you're thinking the gorgeous couple in the first couple of photos look familiar they are! Selvi & Adnana got married this last summer & I had the pleasure of capturing their special day. So welcome back newly weds!
The two other families the "H family" and the "T family" are Adnana's cousins (well the wives are!). I have come to the conclusion that all of her family is unbelievably nice!
Penelope and Ava are the two super adorable little girls in the photos. The older one Penelope had the funniest little sass to her and refused to smile. Swinging from mom and dad's arms was too fun to NOT smile though :) Gotcha!
So the first Mini Sessions were a huge success. This is a great option for families who just want a few family photos and have another 2 or 3 families who can share the session with them! Contact me if you are interested in booking one!



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