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Labor day weekend was beautiful in Boise. I was sitting on the couch checking my email when I saw a message asking if I could do family photos...in a couple of hours! Yes, yes I would love to.
So that evening I found myself at the Rose Garden, which I have never been to by the way, and was greeted by the beautiful, happy, Leon family.
From the 9 month old Hazel, who didn't like standing on the grass (see below)...
to the Grandma and Grandpa in the family, who judging by this photo, are still very in love!
Great Grandma and her grandchildren, I love the warm lighting in this shot!
Half of the entertainment during the shoot was trying to get Hazel to look at the camera. Behind me there were adults dancing around, making noises, laughing and shaking her baby rattle trying to get her attention!
Someone commented on this photo saying that it looks like you are being invited to the enchanted land behind them. Oh that's just Boise, but yes very enchanting!
What a beautiful family :)
Between mini-photo shoots Kylie and Noah were rocking this hand-clap which reminded me of how I LOVED handclaps when I was younger.

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