{Adnana +Selvedin} |Wedding

Dancing, laughing, champagne toasts, limos...this was a fairy tale wedding. Lets not skip ahead though, let's start at the beginning.

Pulling up to the bride's parent's house dozens of cars lined the streets. Colored fabric was tied on each car's side mirror waving in the breeze. Little kids played in the front yard and the house was bustling with activity. Everyone was here...uncles, aunts, cousins... I headed upstairs where the bride and her sisters were finishing getting ready. There was an undeniable energy that was contagious.
The clock hit 2:45 and the house cleared out, everyone rallied in front of the house waiting for the official tradition of when the bride gets handed off to the groom. One by one the bridesmaids followed by the bride came down the staircase. Her dad was waiting at the bottom of the stairs and sweetly kissed her cheek. Then the doorbell started ringing, the excitement grew as people started cheering. The best man was at the front door waiting to take Adnana to her groom. As soon as she stepped out the front door an eruption of cheers and clapping led to her being handed off to her husband to be. They took off in the limo followed by the precession of cars honking their horns.
The rest of the night was just as much of a heartfelt celebration as the beginning of it. I felt like part of this amazing Bosnian family even though I was just the photographer. Such a beautiful, amazing couple and they were surrounded by so many who loved them. What a phenomenal night...congratulations Adnana and Selvedin!



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