A Choate Weekend

I hardly ever post photos from my personal life so I thought it'd be fun to let you have a little sneak peek into a Choate weekend. Not only do I have a passion for photography, but I have a huge passion for people! I was lucky to spend time with not only my husband and family this weekend, but also one of my best friends, the "other" Audrey, at a friend's wedding, and also my huge Student Venture family. I've been a leader for a high school ministry the past 3 years and every year the kids never fail to steal my heart. Here's a little look into my life :)
The photo booth strip on the left is from the wedding. When's the last time you squished into one of these little booths? SO funny!
For everyone out there reading this I encourage you to surround yourself with loved ones and invest your life in relationships and things that really matter. So often it's easy to just find your comfort zone and to stay there. Make a difference, take steps of faith every day trusting that God wants to use you. One of my favorite quotes in life is, "Don't be afraid of failure, be more afraid of succeeding at something that doesn't really matter".
Laugh easily, don't less stress weigh you down and truly enjoy life to it's fullest. Have a wonderful week everyone!
My husband Matthew and I got to hang out with his grandparents from Colorado. Here I am with my Mother-in-love. Matthew is hugging his grandma goodbye in the one below. So sweet.

 Here are our Student Venture Seniors with the rocks they picked out to paint. It's a tradition to take it with you to college to remember where you came from. "On this Rock I will build my Church"
Here's my best friend Amanda and I. Or "Jamanda" as I call her. When your parent's names are Jim and Jan it only makes sense right? I love her.
 This is a pretty accurate representation of the Student Venture Staff. We are silly, and we love the heck out of each other!
 Some frisbee on the side of our house. BJ and Andrew are pretty much frisbee experts, watch out!
 I love the tiny rock Paul painted with the heart on it. In the background is our campfire waiting for smores!
 Here's some of the rocks that got painted. How impressive is the earth that has all the continents on it? We have some artists on our hands! Hope your weekend was full of loved ones and memories~

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