Family Roadtrip to Olympia

Friday night all eight of us [nine including the dog] Choate's piled into the family van, laughing and fighting for the "good seats". It made my heart happy, man I haven't fought for a window seat for probably 10 years! Since I'm a softie I ended up with the aisle seat. We were off on a whirlwind weekend adventure to Olympia for Grandpa Choate's 75th birthday party. Did I mention it was a surprise? I love the look on his face...
Even though Grandma knew, she was pretty excited too.
Happy 75th Bday Grandpa!
Blowing out the Candles. Good thing there weren't 75 :)
The beautiful table decorations.
My handsome husband and I outside our aunt's house.
Matthew and I went on an early morning walk and I couldn't help but take photos of the neighborhood.
Loved these stairs. This is just crying out for Senior Photos!
Everything was so, so damp that there's moss everywhere. Loved it.
The trees there were HUGE.
Who knew it'd be spring time in March?
My brother & sister-in-law.
Ashley and I, love this girl!
Matthew and I decided we need to order one of these for our house...
My husband is one of four brothers. What good looking guys eh?

Glad to be home after 19 hours on the road! Such a fun trip though.

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