Downtown Boise- the Way I see it

There's something peaceful about sauntering around downtown Boise snapping photos as the sun is setting. A historical walking tour of downtown. Classy, yes..yes I know. I felt super sophisticated joining a herd of photographers outside of the capital building. There were those with the cameras and lenses that were triple my mortgage payment and those armed with only the cameras on their phones. I couldn't help but feel like a tourist as we walked from place to place rapid fire snapping photos.

Now I don't see buildings like most people do. I try to see the architecture, the reflections, the textures. If it's a seemingly dull simple building my eye searches for an angle that makes it a beautiful...worth a picture.

It makes me think of life. Even though some people, situations, things seem like nothing out of the ordinary there is always at least one thing that can make you stop in your tracks....all you have to do is take the time to change your perspective.

 The Bank, love how tall this building is

 Coffee Shop Downtown, this one was my favorite

 Fire Escape Ladders in an alley

All the different colors make me wanna paint my house :)

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